Sonàrie. Waiting garden
by Antonio De Luca

curated by Ramdom
29 July 2017 Sound installation in via della Libertà

A place for waiting marked and routed by the sound, where the body listens to design its extension and crosses its invisible border. It’s the resonant expansion, which tailors the inside and outside. The resonant scenery and the silent time of waiting: here, the listening is for making an emptiness and to live in it.


Sleeping Giants
by Simon Rouby

presented by Accademia di Francia in Rome – Villa Medici with Capo d’Arte

screening on the 29th and 30th of July at 21 o’clock Ponte Ciolo exhibition 29.07 – 27.08 2017 19-23 o’clock in via XXIV Maggio

Throughout his residency in Gagliano, Simon Rouby investigated the ideas of migration and integration in their broader sense. The result is an experimental documentary, together with an exceptional projection that, for two days only, will give life to his Sleeping Giants in the local fjord named Ciolo.


Daniele D’Acquisto.

curated by Lorenzo Madaro
29.07–14.08 2017 19–22.30 o’clock in Via Vai, Palazzo Comi via XXIV Maggio

In the extreme essence and elemental nature of these five sculptural works belonging to Regola, D’Acquisto has arrived after a progressive path of formal simplification, freeing its work from the tight relationship with the flat surface to start occupation of the spaces even in their Accentuated verticality.


Extreme States of Impossibility

curated by Francesca Girelli and Heba Amin
presented by Ramdom

29.07–27.08 2017 19–23 o’clock Lastation, Piazzale Stazione, 2 and in Piazza Immacolata

Extreme States of Impossibilities presents selected outcomes of the past two editions of DEFAULT, a crossdisciplinary think-tank that invites artists to reflect on geographical imaginaries linked to the local space and what was historically identified as finibus terrae, or the edge of the world.
Works by Andrew Friend, Brett Swenson, Matthew Wilson, Oliver Palmer e Giorgio Garippa.


Eva Jospin
presented by Accademia di Francia in Rome – Villa Medici with Capo d’Arte

29.07 – 27.08 2017 19-23 o’clock in via XXIV Maggio

The installation of Eva Jospin reimagines an abandoned room in the old town of Gagliano. Eva has worked with olive trees and oaks, two plants which are threatened by bacteria that are likely to drastically change the local landscape. The work, aesthetically evocative and light, has a very strong and present message.


Measuring Time by
Giancarlo Pediconi and Simon d’Exéa

curated by Duccio Trombadori
29.07–27.08 2017 19–23.00 o’clock in Gallerie di Palazzo Daniele Corso Umberto I

The exhibition “Measuring time”, allows an original and convergent face to face dialogue between Giancarlo Pediconi and Simon d’Exea photographs, which expose the unpredictable and hidden aspects of architectural shapes. A large figurative repertoire is also enriched by environments and situations images, originally inspired by the Salento architecture.