Screening night: Carte blanche curated by Elena Mazzi
July 16, 2017
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July 22, 2017

A good festival needs a good party. After the binge of exhibitions, we will wait for you on the terrace of Lastation to celebrate the inauguration of Lands End Contemporary Art Festival with:

a sound installation and live performance by ROBERTO MEMOLI from 19 o’clock. His research is focused totally on the process and the noisy / lo-fi influences, used to explore the idea of noise trying to reach its limit focusing on all the details.

DJ Set by PIERPAOLO LEO (or Pleo) from 23 o’clock. He is composer, writer of sound installations and computer-music programmer. He realized many albums of experimental music, furthermore during his concerts we can enjoy a great amount of improvised moments and the use of self-produced electronical instruments.

See you there on the 29th of July from 19 o’clock! Location: Lastation Terrace – Piazzale stazione 2 Gagliano del Capo, 73034 Gagliano del Capo LE, Italia